Saturday, September 26, 2015

Doctor's Visit

James had his 3-year well child visit on Thursday. When I told him that's what we'd be doing Thursday morning, he immediately started fake-coughing and said, "I go to the doctor because I'm sick." 

For some reason, they didn't give us the printout with his height and weight and the three-year milestones, but I remember the basic stats.

Height: 2 feet, 11.75 inches, or about the 10th percentile
Weight: 30.6 pounds, or about the 50th percentile

The nurse originally measured him and she must have been counting some of his hair, because the dot on the height chart jumped way up to the 75th percentile, so Dr. Swofford re-measured and he was back at the 10th percentile as usual. An inch or two can make a big difference :)

Just make yourself at home, James: 

They already had flu shots, so James and Sam went ahead and got theirs. Sam went first and said he couldn't even feel it. James went next and said, "That didn't even hurt at all!" and amused the nurses.

Here are some things James is doing:

  • Making up stories and songs (and sometimes jokes/fibs)
  • Counting (up til 11 or 12 reliably, and then he starts skipping around and repeating)
  • Trying to get dressed himself (undies are hard and he hasn't put a shirt on, but he has taken one off)
  • Drawing people and other scribbles
  • Writing his name!
  • Climbing, jumping, throwing and kicking a ball
  • Hopping on one foot
  • Building towers of 6-8 blocks
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Pretending to read books
  • Trying to do puzzles
  • Says and recognizes rhyming words 
  • Is possessive of toys and spaces, but will relent after just a minute if there's someone to share/play with
  • Holds a grudge! Weeks later, he'll say things like, "Christian hit me," and make a sad face if I ask about his friends from school

I think three is going to be a fun age! Here is the link to his 2-year well child visit for comparison. 

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