Saturday, August 22, 2015

James Says / Amelie Says

The kids were eating yogurt and Sam walked by and said, "That's a good treat." James was indignant. "This is NOT a TREAT." 

In one of our books, the characters build a fire to keep warm. James was confused. "It no make you warm. It make you HOT." 

I asked James to stick out his foot so that I could put on his shoe. "NEVER!" he replied. I shouldn't have laughed, because it definitely was not as funny the second time.

James was in the cart at Moser's and he "read" the letters on the handle to me: "M - O - S - E - R - little thing - S." So smart!

James was eating a snack at the table when Sam picked him up from preschool the other day and James saw his teacher and one of his classmates in their room on the way out. "Why you only got ONE friend?" he asked.

Amelie and I went to the movies on Monday and Sam asked her, "Which movie did you go to?" "The one behind Schnuck's," she answered.

I asked Amelie if she had a job at school and she told me that she and someone else (whose name I forget) were paper-passer-outers. I said, "Wow! That's an important job!" and very seriously she replied, "All of the jobs are very important  jobs."

In other Kindergarten notes, one of Amelie's classmates already lost a tooth. Show and Tell is Tuesday and library day is Wednesday.  

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