Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Apple Harvest 2015

We have an apple tree in our front yard that has mostly reliably produced apples for us even though we do nothing at all to encourage it. The internet tells me I should at least be pruning it, and I may give that a go this fall.

For some reason, the apples were ready to harvest this year in July. The kids and Sam picked three big bags full. We've made two apple crumbles and one apple pie and our neighbor has made two batches of applesauce (and shared some with us). I need to get to freezing some of what's left and/or figure out how to make some apple butter or something.

Updated to add: Since this post, we've made two additional pies and two batches of apple butter. Emma took some apples for a pie and there are still a few left on the tree.

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