Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Magic House Children's Museum

We met up with my friend Matt, his daughter, my friend Cabell, her two kids, and her folks at the Magic House in St. Louis. I'd never been and it was neat, but the kids all ran off in opposite directions as soon as we got there & we didn't get to do much grown-up catching up.

James was fearless & climbed all the way to the top of the Jack and the Beanstalk climbing feature.

The water zone was a hit. 

I didn't even get out the camera (due to child-chasing) so Sam got these on his phone. 

There was so much to do & see, and we didn't get to half of it. For example, Cabell scored these awesome buttons with pictures of AJ & Bryony and we apparently didn't even make it to that part of the museum. 

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