Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Amelie Artwork (now with updates)

Amelie did Kindergarten Kickoff for 4 weeks through the public school this summer. Her drawing has really taken off. I photographed a few of the piles and piles of things she brought home. She's been signing some things "AM" instead of writing out her full name. I'm pretty sure this is a ship:

Updated to add: I was reading Amelie this blog post, and she added, "Yeah. It's a pirate ship with lots and lots and lots of pirates on it. They're having a pirate party."

Robot? Updated: "No, it's an airplane."

I like the rainbow effect on this one. They did worksheets like this for each of the letters. Amelie says, "That's a rainbow town."

They also did several of these color-by-number things, which Amelie liked a lot. Amelie says, "That's a rainbow umbrella."

"Can you say that that is a picture of a dog that has white and brown on it? That red stuff is dirt and that's a bone that he's going to bury in the dirt."

She told me a big story about this one, involving climbing a mountain and putting up a flag. Updated: When I asked what it said at the bottom, she said, "It says what it is; it says mountain."

Sam was very impressed with this person (look at they eye lashes!) Updated: "That's me, too."

Updated: "That's Frosty the Snowman."

Here are some of Amelie's earlier drawings/writing/painting for comparison:

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