Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Watercolors Plus Classwork

Grandpa Bob got the kids some watercolors and nice, thick paper for Christmas. Here are some of their recent efforts. The first two are by James:

This one was from Amelie. She also covered an entire piece of paper in black paint, but I didn't upload it. HA!

James asked me to paint with him, so I did, then he pushed me out of the way and improved my painting (his contributions are the tree trunks? on the left and some of the additional horizontal landscape lines). 

Amelie brought this one home from preschool today: 

She drew her favorite part of the book Attack of the Shark-headed Zombie: "When Mr. Cigim took Keets and Henry home." 

UPDATED with a few more paintings. Amelie did this one. I think it has nice balance:

She also painted another all-black canvas this morning. (Still not uploading it. You can use your imagination.) James did this one with the butterfly sponge from the Kiwi crate:

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