Thursday, February 19, 2015

Uppercase-Lowercase Alphabet Matching Game

I got this idea from another blog that my friend MacKenzie linked to: Teaching Letters

I made a sturdy cardboard chart of all the capital letters and cut out the lowercase letters on heavy paper (I had enough packing tape to "laminate" about half of these). The #1 best thing about this was that it was free! And the kids already lost a little "v" but I was able to make another one super-quickly without the irritation I'd have felt if they'd lost a piece I'd paid for the very day we opened it.

Amelie was very interested in the measuring and making of the big chart & the writing and cutting out of the small letters. She zoomed through the matching game twice, though. I didn't know she knew all of the letters that well. (But, again, this was free!) She had fun doing it & she came up with some other rules to make a new game. I can see that we could use it for sounds and other things, too, and of course James may be interested in it soon.

In a stroke of genius, I taped an envelope to the back so we won't lose the small letters (quite as fast as we might otherwise). 

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