Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Labor of Love

I got out the cards & markers and told Amelie that we should make a card for her friend Hattie's birthday party on Sunday. She wanted to write "I love you, Hattie," so I showed her how to draw I heart U on a piece of paper and she copied it down on the card, then she copied down Hattie's name and signed her own. The people on the bottom half of the card are supposed to be me, Amelie, Hattie, Hattie's mom, and Hattie's little brother (the small one). James is the frowning one all the way at the bottom and the people up above the fold are the other guests at the party.

She was on a roll and wanted to do the front of the card next with more guests after I spelled "Happy Birthday" so she could copy it down.

Are these two just too cool for school or what?

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