Sunday, May 31, 2015

Amelie's Birthday!

Amelie had a birthday party on Saturday last week. She turned 5! Her cousins and grandparents came out for cake and ice cream at our neighborhood park. There was some running around.

Ellie pulled the boys in the wagon.

James is looking more suspicious than he was in the first picture.

Such a photogenic bunch.

Sam asked if I used an entire bottle of sprinkles on the cake & I replied that the kids did the sprinkles. So, yes.

Our friend Cabell got Amelie the big hit of the evening and the main entertainment planned for the party - the bubble gun.

Sam's folks and Nana Jana all showered Amelie with presents. 

Though cousin Ellie was more interested in the bike than Amelie (for the moment!) Look at her go!

Thank you to Cabell for the bubble gun! :)

When it would run out of bubbles, Amelie yelled, "It's out of gas!" and ran to get the jug of bubble soap, carried it over there, unscrewed the cap, and refilled it all by herself.

Dada helps with the bike.

Check out the backwards cap - he just put it on that way.

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  1. Back in my day we had to blow all our bubbles with our lungs