Saturday, May 9, 2015

Amelie Says / James Says

There's a checkout limit of 7 books from the library on my Kindle. Amelie really likes for us to read together on it, and she wanted a particular new book about a pirate school, but we'd reached our limit. I told her that one of the books would expire the next day & we could check the new one out then. First thing the next morning she asked me, "Did the book dissolve yet?" I didn't immediately know what she was talking about, so she repeated herself. "The book! Did it dissolve? Is it dissolved!?" 

We were in line at the drive through and Amelie observed, "I don't like it when there are people in front of us." 

Amelie: Would Captain Hook be friends with Jack? 
Me: Who's Jack?
Amelie: You know, they guy who wants to turn the animals into robots on Wild Kratts.
(I guess that makes sense - they're both villains.)

When our friends Jerry and Michelle came to visit, I overheard Amelie telling their eldest, "My dada has a disease." When pressed, she reveled that the disease in question was seasonal allergies.

Amelie has also made fast friends with our neighbor Cindy. She's out in her backyard now that the weather's warmed up some and Amelie and she have conversations across the fence.

Amelie explained to us that in the morning, first her ears wake up, and then her eyes wake up, and then her body wakes up. Seems like an accurate description of what happens when you wake up without an alarm to me.

James was exchanging pleasantries with the bagger at the grocery store and then he indicated me and said, "Her name Mama." 

For some inexplicable reason, he calls "Hush Little Baby" "the crying baby song." 

When Amelie called Sam "Dada," James said, "That not your dada! That MY dada!" 

When we go to the library or the grocery store, James always asks for a drink out of the "water mountain." 

Playing a game where they were hiding under the covers, James poked his head out and said very clearly, "The ghost is clear!" 

We had ravioli tonight, which James still pronounces "rava-holey." Also, he learned the word "thing," and I swear the rest of his vocabulary decreased. Everything is a "fing." 

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