Saturday, May 23, 2015

Amelie's Day, birthday edition

We're celebrating today, but Amelie had a fun-filled actual 5th birthday on Thursday.

7:30am - Joined Mom, Dad, and Brother in the big bed
7:45am - Started kicking brother in the big bed
8:00am - Requested and received oats and mango for breakfast
9:00am - Bossed all the other preschoolers in the "KidZone" at the gym (told everyone at the gym it was her birthday)
11:00am - Little Swimmers with friends from church
12:30pm - Picnic lunch (peanut butter & jelly sandwiches & grapes & cheetos)
1:00pm - Played at the park (mostly with mulch)
2:00pm - Play date with Caroline (from 2-5 at our house, so her parents could pack for vacation!)
2:15pm - Second lunch (grilled cheese, milk, more mango, carrot sticks, more grapes)
2:30pm - Hurt feelings over the correct way to build a grass fort
2:45pm - Playing solo outside
3:00pm - Painting
3:30pm - Using branches as swords
4:30pm - Hide and Seek / taking turns trapping each other in the closet
5:00pm - Invented new game: Find out whose blade of grass is longest
5:30pm - Dinner (chicken fried rice & pineapple)
6:00pm - Pick up the backyard so Dad can mow
6:15pm - Made cupcakes to take to school tomorrow (licked spoon)
7:00pm - Watched The Gruffalo's Child on Netflix
7:45pm - Went to the library to try to check out The Gruffalo's Child or The Gruffalo (all copies checked out)
8:00pm - Quick solo grocery store trip with Mom (told everyone at the store it was her birthday & got a cookie)
8:50pm - Read one chapter from The Golden Goblet
9:10pm - (late) Bedtime

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