Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pictures from School

Here are a few more pictures of Amelie playing and working at school. The ones from her first semester are here.

Amelie's class got 2 chicks for Easter from one of the other students, whose parents raise chickens.

Here is Amelie petting one:

It looks like she employs the same method with the shape-sorter as school as she does at home. (i.e., it's quicker just to take the lid off.)

Collaborative painting:

They celebrated Amelie's birthday at school, too.

This makes me think I should add glue to our repertoire of activities at home, as well.

They line up in pairs and hold hands, which I think is pretty cute.

More collaborative painting, this time outside.

These smocks are pretty fantastic.


These must have been from earlier in the year:

Decorating a mask for Mardi Gras.


So serious, working sorting colors and using the glue stick: 

Play dough:

Planting with her teacher:

This is the painted flowerpot and flowers they gave me for Mother's Day.



  1. This really makes my at-home "preschool" look as dinky as it is. Look at all those crafts!

    1. This is the whole semester, though! You totally do more than that craft-wise over the course of 4 months. I got the bead-string and the dot-paints ideas from you -- they don't do those at school :)

  2. Did you take these pictures? I didn't realize you spent so much time at school. Or are these the first or last part of the day?

    1. Sorry-just saw this. I think I only took two of the pictures. The rest were from the French intern at the school.