Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Amelie!

Amelie turned three today! Three! Can you believe it?

We had her party on Saturday, and I think everyone had a good time.

me & holly:

Dada grilled hotdogs, portobellos, and corn:

Cousin Benny and James faced off:

But most importantly, there were cupcakes:
My favorite thing about this picture is that you can see Ellie's already snatched one while Amelie's still trying to blow out the candles. 

Amelie decorated them with pink sprinkles from Grandma Mary.

Amelie had some trouble saying she was three:

James did not manage to stay awake for long:

Amelie's 98.5 year-old great-great aunt Helen was able to come to the party, too.

We got her a water table, which (like the sandbox last year) I'm predicting will provide hours of summer entertainment and plenty of independent play.

The sandbox is still pretty well-favored.

Playing in the sandbox with Papaw:

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  1. Happy third birthday to Amelie. She is so beautiful Crystal. I love seeing the photos of your little family.