Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Zoo!

I think I mentioned this before, but we bought a zoo membership for this year.  Amelie and James and I went to Zoo Friends Day on May 3rd. Contrary to some of the photo evidence, the kids had a blast. I think Ezra's upset that he can't be with the sea lions in this one:

There was just one episode of passive resistance (waiting in line is hard). The weather was cool and we got to do a bunch of fun stuff -- like ride the train, go to the sea lion show, eat popcorn, pet the stingrays, and go to the children's zoo. I think Shauna and I burned about a million calories.

One of the stingrays even swam up to Amelie's hand and touched it, but she didn't like that part very much.

I don't remember what they're looking at here. They did get to see the brand-new baby elephant.

And Amelie encountered yet another goat.


This was James's method of transport for the trip:

And here we are on the train. All aboard!

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  1. Cute kiddos! The look on all three faces in that last one, so sweet! <3 <3