Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bootheel Trip

We finally made it to the Bootheel to meet baby Levi and introduce Leah to my grandma and the rest of our family down there.

Here's Leah (4 months old) meeting Grandma Doris.

This picture is my favorite:

They are exactly one month apart, but approximately the same size. They are second cousins :) (That's what I thought, but I googled and Better Homes and Gardens confirmed it.) Leah doesn't look too happy in this picture:

And Levi is slightly suspicious (and blurry) in this one:

We went to Lambert's and James raised his hand for a roll every time they came by. He wound up with a pile of 3 plus one on the floor.

Leah and my uncle Jeff:

She liked grabbing his beard.

My favorite part was the porch swing. The weather was beautiful the whole time we were down.

My camera is broken (and I've pretty much only been using the cell phone anyway), but I should get it fixed for our next visit (probably Thanksgiving).

Leah is not nearly the good car-rider that her big siblings were. She slept a good amount, but if she wasn't sleeping, she was crying. We stayed the night in St. Louis on the way back home to break up the trip and did some activities there. I'll post those separately tomorrow.

Special thanks to Aunt Lana for half of these photos! I know I didn't take enough - and it looks like we left Amelie at home. Ha!

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