Friday, August 11, 2017

Amelie Says / James Says

We were discussing how long ago The Karate Kid came out.
Amelie to Sam: You're 35? I thought you were 24!
James: I thought you were 100!

James found some game cube controllers in the DVD drawer and he wanted to play a game he found. I said we didn't have the game cube to plug them into and he hold them up high overhead and says, "You just plug them into the TV. Look, they have pluggers!" Long story short, now he and Amelie are playing the Wii.

Amelie informed me that Leah is at "the first stage of crawlation," meaning she can get up on hands and knees.

Amelie also used the word "antidote" unprompted while we were watching one of the Harry Potter movies.

Leah pinched me while nursing and I exclaimed, "Ouch!" Amelie very patiently explained to me that Leah was just learning to grab things, and sometimes her grab turns into a pinch, and she's just practicing her skills.

I was combing James's hair yesterday and he said, "You're messing up my curly hair! You're making it all flat!!"

This morning, he informed me that Yadier Molina and Baby Leah have the same sound in their names, except  he said Yadier Mo-WEE-na and Baby WEE-ah, emphasizing the "WEE" very clearly :P

Updated to add: Just now, Amelie had a scratch that was bleeding on her arm. I accidentally tore the band-aid as I was putting it on, and I apologized. Amelie says: "I've had worse."

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