Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Baby Fashion

Leah has a wide variety of adorable clothing. Here she is showing off a strawberry onesie that Amelie wore (that she's outgrown!) on top of a fleecy blanket that was a baby present from the UUCC youth group.

Okay, so I've pretty much stopped using the camera because my cell phone is almost as good and a heck of a lot more convenient, but that means all of these pictures are just a little blurry because Leah isn't holding still for the picture :) This romper is from my coworker Sophia!

And I know these overalls have already been featured on the blog, but I love them so much! I also like that the straps are adjustable so that she can wear it for longer. Leah in her co-sleeper:

James thought Leah would look cool in these sunglasses so he stuck them on. 

And then this is an adorable summer jumper that Leah has also now outgrown. I think it was a gift from Grandma Mary Beth.

Here's a look at Leah's birth mark -- it looks a lot like a purple thumbprint.

In other news and notes, she's learned to stick her tongue out. I tried and tried to get a photo and finally managed this one. I was holding the phone up and sticking my own tongue out trying to get her to copy me. She's looking at me underneath it, but my friend said it looks like she's taking a selfie. ha! 

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  1. When I read the first sentence, I thought you meant AMELIE had outgrown the onesie. I mean, I could have guessed she would in the last seven years ;)