Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kids in Parks

Sam and Leah at Cosmo Park.

James and Amelie on the Dino at Cosmo Park.

Sam pushing the big kids on the big swing.

James hanging out at Westwinds Park.

This is the one right by our house. The kids call it the yellow park.

James on the dino on a different day.

I think there was some kind of challenge by Parks and Rec to visit all of the Columbia Parks this summer. We didn't pick up the form, but we're slowly working our way around - we've got 4 in just these last 2 posts. I tried to google the contest, and found this one instead: Apparently, they're giving away $100 gift certificate for the best Columbia Parks and Rec photo submitted. Maybe I should take the regular camera and not just my cell phone. Ha!

The challenge I was thinking of was to visit 10 Columbia parks over the summer. We've been to our 5 regular ones a few times each already, and we'll go to another one tonight for fireworks if we aren't rained out.

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