Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Program

Ready, Set, Learn! had their Christmas program last Tuesday. I didn't get any good pictures, which is kind of the point of the Christmas program :) James knows ALL the words to ALL the songs, but he didn't sing (or at least, not so that anyone could hear him).

There were cookies and milk afterward and the kids chowed down.

Amelie got sick the first day of Christmas break (and of course I'd already told the kids we could go to Bonkers. We made popcorn and watched a Christmas movie on TV instead). Her friend Hattie, who was supposed to go with us, also came down with a cold -- I figure they picked it up at school.

It's just a snotty cold, but so far she's missed a solstice party, my work party, and now she's going to miss the pageant and carols at church tonight. (And it's a tradition!) I think she can go to the magic tree afterward (also tradition) since that's outdoor and we won't be interacting with the other kids/families.

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