Sunday, December 13, 2015

Aunt Helen

My great-aunt Helen turned 101 on October 12th. Can you believe it? 101! She looks pretty serious here:

But there she is laughing:

I took a video of James going in for a kiss. He might have been scheming about how to get a bite of her cupcake here. 

Now Aunt Tara is the one being silly.

We had cupcakes and drinks at the Stokelan Drive Nursing Home - Grandma Doris, Uncle Kerry, and Aunt Cheryl.

This is a little more representative of what the kids did during the party:

There were many selfies:

Awww, how sweet. I thought Andrew gave me his email to send this picture, but I can't find it - can someone contact me with his information? Andrew - if you're reading, you can leave a comment & I can get back to you.

Nana Jana and Aunt Helen:


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