Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Oh, my, I have a backlog of pictures to upload. It's become so daunting that I might just post a bunch of boring pictures of the kids opening presents. The right-before-Christmas post went up quite a while ago.

Our friend Caitlin S got Amelie this lovely coat last Christmas, and we got another year's use out of it.

Christmas Eve. James may or may not have taken the candle we were supposed to light at the end of the service and pitched it over the heads of the people in the row in front of us. I took that as a sign that we were not meant to participate in the actual lighting.

Amelie at the unity tree.

Here they are opening presents Christmas morning. The squeezy pouch of strawberry applesauce and the balloon were the biggest hits by far.

James stopped going through his stocking when he reached this goldmine. Fruit in a pouch!

Both kids were up by 5am on Christmas morning. (That's why all of the pictures are so dark! It was still dark!)

The chocolate mouse might have been a close second.

No wait, balloons.

More presents. We really didn't get them very many.

James needed a little help. Thanks to Emily S for the fishing toy!

Sam got me a new blue robe. (There's my old blue robe on the arm of the couch.) Thanks to Shauna for the purple monkey toy. He loves it!

They did St. Nicholas again at Amelie's school. 

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