Monday, June 17, 2013

Doctor's Visit

We took Amelie and James to their well-child checks today.

Amelie was a little restless at her 3-year appointment. She didn't want to stand still for a picture -- playing with the curtain was much more fun.

Waiting on the doctor with Dad:

And here are those vital statistics!

Height: 36.5 inches - That's just over 3 feet tall, or 33rd percentile
Weight: 31.8 pounds - 59th percentile

Here are some things that Amelie is doing now that she's three:
  • Is very imaginative - she makes up stories and songs and elaborate games to play
  • Can cut with scissors and use tape and glue
  • Draws straight lines and circles
  • Knows the alphabet
  • Recognizes most letters and initial sounds of words
  • Rhymes words
  • Memorizes favorite books and songs
  • Counts reliably to 12 and recognizes most numbers
  • Makes jokes
  • Climbs 
  • Kicks and throws a ball
  • Can lock and unlock doors
  • Can take herself to the potty if her clothes are not complicated
  • Tests boundaries frequently, but is able to get along with fewer meltdowns than before

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