Thursday, June 11, 2015

Note from School

We got the nicest note from James's teacher. I thought I'd type it up here for posterity.

James has really grown this year. His verbal skills have always been amazing, and I love to hear his Pirate Jake stories. He tells me his first and last name, but he likes to tell me he is 5 years old. We are still working on showing me his age with his fingers. It is so hard to close those other fingers down. he can lace beads, open and close a container with a lid that screws on. James is able to use scissors to cut with one hand, but still uses 2 hands to open the scissors back up to cut again. And you saw the amazing person he drew. His gross motor skills have developed nicely as well - walking on tip toes, climbing up and down on step stools and climbers, and jumping. We will still work on pedaling and hopping. James loves to "read" books by himself, but it is great to see him interact and laugh with his friends too. He identifies shapes, counts and can give me 2 of something. He knows hard and soft, and can identify clouds, rain, sun, plants etc. in pictures. Since his birthday is in September, we will have him stay in my class this fall. There is another student with a fall birthday so he will still be with kids his own age. Depending on how things fall in Ms. Katie's class, we have been talking about moving these two kiddos up possibly in January of 2015. That way they will have 1 and 1/2 years in each class instead of 2 full years with me. It is all a juggling act so we will see. Let me know if you have any questions.
~Ms. Annika 

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