Sunday, June 7, 2015

Doctor's Visit

Amelie's 5-year well-child check was Friday. Sam & I were both able to go (though it involved some convoluted drop-off and pick-up & driving all around town).


Height: 3 feet, 4.75 inches, which is 40.75 inches, or 17th% according to the CDC chart
Weight: 39.6 pounds, which is 49th% according to the CDC chart

It's funny to me that she is nearly 40 pounds x 40 inches (and at her appointment last year, she was very close to 38 pounds x 38 inches). I was very surprised to see the 49th percentile for weight because she is so skinny - I was glad that the nurse gave her the two shots in her thighs instead of her tiny arms!

Speaking of shots, I hope now the school nurse will be satisfied. Various representatives from the school & summer school program have been harassing us since registration about them. I explained several times that her well-child check was scheduled for 2 weeks after her birthday & that she'd get the required Kindergarten boosters then.

Anyway, she was very brave (with the help of a safety sucker) and also very generous (she requested one to take home for James, too).

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