Friday, April 10, 2015

James Says / Amelie Says

The first thing James says in the morning is usually, "Is it daytime?" 

When he wore shorts for the first time this spring, he ran his hands over his shins and said, "Where my pants go? They no here. They cutted them off."

James wanted up at the computer with me and I said I needed to order a present for my friend who was getting married first. Sensing a present-getting opportunity, he said, "I GETTING MARRIED!" 

Out of nowhere, he walked up to me and asked, "We go to Tiger Bounce with Hattie today?" That makes sense, because we've been once (several months ago) and hadn't said anything about it since.

If James gets to play with another kid, he'll often say, "He my friend. He my cousin." 

When we are stopped at a red light, the rear-facing backseat driver will yell, "Go! Go! It green!" 

We met 6-week old Baby Ellory and James said, "Dis baby belongs to ME." 

At the park today, I overheard Amelie telling another girl that, "Birds aren't mammals. They lay eggs." A little bit after that she displayed a few more social graces and asked, "Have you heard of Jake and the Neverland Pirates?" Then later James told an 8-year old, "Big boy! You can't go in my hideout!" 

I haven't been good about keeping track of the funny things Amelie says recently - maybe in part because now what's funny about them is long and complicated. I should try to make a video of her telling a story.

Updated with: Just now, Amelie came to get me and said, "Mom, would you like to see how many branches I collected for the giraffe feeding box?" 

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