Saturday, April 4, 2015

Guest Post

Some stories from Grandma Mary about the kids spending the night with the Buffaloes a little bit ago: 

1. I came out of our bedroom at 5:30 Monday morning. Just as I entered the hall, the kids' door opened and out walks James. He looks up at me, takes out his binky, grins, and says "hey!"

2. James enjoyed playing cars with Pearl. He'd take a couple of cars over to Pearl, get down on the floor, and drive the cars around her. One time I heard him ask her, "Do you want to play with the fire truck?" Pearl didn't answer, darn it.

3. Monday morning, right after James came out to greet me, I put him in our bed. Buffaloe was just getting up to get ready for work. I found a braided keychain and gave it to James to play with. He loved it. Later, when I was getting their suitcase ready to go, I saw the keychain in the suitcase. I asked, "James, did you pack the keychain in the suitcase?" He looked at me and grinned and quietly said "yes." Of course I left it in the suitcase.

4. Buffaloe and I know a whole lot more about "switch hyenas" now. Apparently, they are omnivores. But special omnivores. I could go on and on.

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