Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cosmo Park

Cosmo Park has been undergoing a huge renovation since this spring/summer. It was scheduled to be done in the fall, but they're still working on it. It should be awesome when it's complete, but Amelie's been chomping at the bit to go back. Anyway, they've opened up the parts of it that are done for playing just in time for cold weather and we checked it out last week.

This thing looks like nothing so much as the luggage roller at the airport.

There is a triceratops fossil statue.

And a ton of pictures of Amelie, but not so many of James. That's a little bit of a switch from the norm lately.

And then this happened ...

Surely you saw this coming: 

Why not take a video, you ask? Good question. But now we have this handy GIF. 

Sam was very impressed with the new teeter-totter technology. I'm on the opposite side, teetering and taking photos at the same time. Safety first!)

Sam took a turn balancing.

Amelie pushed James on the newfangled merry-go-round.

Now they're both pushing.

Sad face because A) it's cold B) it's time to go home C) not heavy enough to bounce the toy properly D) pants too purple.

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  1. I love the gif. That's a great one.

    What is teetering and what is tottering? Which is up?