Saturday, December 6, 2014

Amelie Says / James Says

"I looked all through my papers, but I still can't figure out how to save the world!" Amelie exclaimed.

"I have keen eyesight, just like a T-Rex." 

Amelie's been calling me "Mother." I'm not quite sure where she picked it up, but it was probably in a book. "Mother, would you like to hear the song I learned at school today?" It cracks me up.

Speaking about the nutcracker ornaments, which the kids have taken off the tree and play with like figurines: "The mayor nutcracker doesn't have a beard like the other men. He's crying about it because he doesn't look cool."

We finally went to the evening storytime at the library on Tuesday because I've been teaching during the day this semester and we've missed out on our regular library visits. Anyway, at the end, the somewhat inexperienced librarian asked the group, "Would you like to go back out into the library and play, or ..." Amelie pipes up with "YES!" and starts running toward the door. She finished "... or sing one more song?"

(I am nearly 100% certain Amelie must just be copying this from something she's watched, but it's not something I've seen with her. Maybe the babysitter?) Telling a story, Amelie says, "Once upon a time, a boy did not believe in magic ... Ironically, his father was a magician." Sam and I died.

"I got your nose!" James shouts as he pinches your face.

He just keeps making longer and longer sentences. The other day he told me, "There a monster outside in the backyard. I go get 'em." 

Sometimes we ask James to ask nicely instead of issuing demands, but he still doesn't really get it. For example:
JAMES  "Want juice NOW."
ME        "You need to ask nicely."
JAMES (in a super-sweet voice) "Ask nicely." 

James was trying to kick his pants off but they got stuck on his foot. "Not quite," he said.  

Sam and James were shopping at Schnuck's and James was riding in the cart. They passed another shopper and James said, "Hi, Man!" The man said hi back, and James informs Sam, "Man say hi!" The man could still hear them, and he laughed.


  1. When he was little, Charlie used to say "asking. ASKING!" because he didn't understand requests

    1. That's great :) He was just making it clear! ASKING!