Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas in Bernie

We took the truck down to the Bootheel for Christmas to pick up the dollhouse I had when I was a kid and two twin beds from my great-aunt Helen (more on those later).

James got a kid camera! "Cheese!" he says.

It should come as no surprise that Amelie talked JC into reading her a book. 

Aunt Lana made chocolate-covered pretzels & James enjoyed his.

Bradley playing the touch-screen game. What do you mean you don't play arcade games at your house at Christmas?

Holly & JC

Kendra & Miss Laynie

More cousins eating candy pretzels. Do you see how we just let them run all over the house with food? That didn't fly when I was little! I remember sitting right there on the step on the linoleum if I wanted to eat something (when I was older than they are, even). 

Hahahaha. Marlee is cracking me up.

Amelie has her game face on.

Grandma Doris and James have a chat (pretzel still in hand, if you notice).

James and Sam are all set to play Bingo!

Aunt Jess & Hayes

Aunt Helen & Mom are serious about their Bingo cards.

Aunt Cheryl is, too.

More Kifers!

Uncle Darrin listened to Amelie retell the entire plot of Frosty the Snowman and made friends with James, too.

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