Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Day of School

My first day back to work after a summer off, and Amelie's first day back to school after having the spring semester and the summer off, was today.
She was very excited in the car on the way over, but she looked just a little nervous as I left. She was pretty proud of her backpack even though it just has a change of clothes in it.

I'll post an update at pick-up :)

UPDATE: I got a good report from her teacher, and Amelie wanted to stay. They had juice and cupcakes for someone's birthday and she made friends with a girl  in a butterfly shirt and she came home with a maraca made out of an easter egg, plastic spoons, corn kernels, and tape. Success!


  1. Yea for a good first day! But how was Mom's first day back? :)

  2. Tiring! But I was up late preparing the night before. I'm glad the first week is a short one.