Friday, August 1, 2014

Bootheel Youth Museum

We went to the Bootheel Youth Museum the last time we were in the bootheel. Nana Jana wanted me to take pictures and I obliged. James crossing the bridge to the fire station (Amelie said this was her favorite part last time).

Playing the piano.

Or, more accurately, posing on the piano.

The huge bubble was one of the things that was still the same from when I was a kid.

Amelie looks suspicious. James popped it right after this.

In the space station.

Not quite tall enough to be an astronaut.

Amelie was interested in the pelts.

What? Isn't this how you use a magnifying glass?

I think they had this when I was a kid, too.

And then James tried to eat the blue sand.

Everybody took a turn on the slide.

Still amazed by the floating ball.


There was a 100-year-old fire truck.

We did not have much luck with a group photo.

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