Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This is not exactly baby-buffaloe-related, and it's all old hat to our in-person friends, anyway, but the major construction on the house is done. I very nearly deleted this post because it was so old, but then I figured we may want it in the (seriously overdue) year-end photo book so I decided to publish it anyway.

The bathroom before:

The bathroom in progress. They ripped everything out:

Kids in the bathroom when it was mostly done.

Bathroom after:

It's still small, but now we have a ton more storage.

The garage before. Hey, look! There's a baby Buffaloe!

Too much junk.

The garage, all cleaned out:

Bedroom/garage after:


The front of the house before:

Front of the house, after. You'll notice the Halloween pumpkins in the first picture and the snow in the second :)

The kids really loved having the contractors here. James (and Amelie) spent a fair amount of time watching the progress through this convenient hole in the door.
We saw one of them (Henry) at subway this week, and he stopped to talk to us even though it's been a good 6 months since they've been done with the house. 

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