Monday, July 28, 2014

Grant's Farm

We took the kids to Grant's Farm last weekend, thus named because it is the site of the cabin of Ulysses S. Grant.

We saw an actual baby buffalo.

We rode the tram.

We went to the animal show.

We had popcorn. 

We also rode the carousel and fed the pygmy goats a bottle, but didn't have a free hand to take a photo.

We looked goofy.

And saw the elephant.

We met the camel.

Amelie fed the llama.

James pointed at the birds.

There was jumping.

"I GUMP!" James says. 

There was gesticulating.

Then the kids shared a snow-cone and we came home.

And and added bonus of what the kids thought about one of the bird exhibits (technically macaws -- or maybe parrots? -- but some peacocks had wandered in as well as a few of the chickens from the neighboring enclosure). 

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