Wednesday, July 23, 2014

At the Park with Dada

I took these two weeks before Father's Day, intending to print up some pictures for Sam for the holiday, but you see how well that worked out.

Happy belated Father's Day!

Climbing is a favorite activity.

As is running. 

I wish I knew what she was saying - maybe explaining the game.

Something hilarious, probably.

Playing airplanes.

And also birds.


One of the songs the kids like to listen to (on a CD from Aunt Barb) has a lyric that goes "Lying on the ground and looking up... Lying on the ground and looking up," which pretty much sums this up.

They were playing a game where they tried to jump up and touch the basketball hoop.

Again, I wish I knew what story she was telling. Something serious, most likely.

Do you wonder where James got his curly hair?

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