Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amelie Says / James Says

Amelie climbed the tree at Bethel Park and got to a point up over my head. An older boy (eight?) came by and climbed it, too, and he got up well above her, to which she said, "That's impressive." 

She took a more cautious approach when she recently learned how to climb the huge tires at Cosmo Park. While she was sitting on top of the tire a boy about her age climbed up and jumped off. She said, "That doesn't seem safe," and scooted back down.

On another visit to Bethel, Amelie approached two older girls (maybe 8 and 10?) and said, "What do you guys want to do? ... I have some ideas." Which is, in all honesty, not a bad way to make friends, and then they pretended to be birds with her.

Amelie asked why a house on Garth had Christmas lights on. We hypothesized several scenarios and then she said, "Maybe we should tell them it's not almost Christmas." 

She's still sometimes using the construction "No I amn't" when she means 'I'm not.'

We got an invitation to Ezra's birthday party in the mail and the card had a picture of the "Teenager Mutant Turtles" on it. I came up with two of their names (a little later a third came to me) and Amelie said we needed to find "somebody who is really, really smart" who would know the names of the rest.

Sam asked Amelie why she has such a hard time calming down and she said, "It's one of my features."

James has over 100 words now, but most of them aren't very intelligible. He was saying "Broke! Broke!" this morning because the top had come off of his sippy cup, but I couldn't see it and thought at first he was saying we had a "Bug!" 

Amelie has been going to a summer play school through Fairview Elementary (it's just 3 weeks from 9-noon). The first day she was gone, James spent all morning wandering around the house asking "Where Ahm?" and asserting "Dada urk!" just so we were all accounted for.

James said his first five-word sentence (after only a handful of three-word sentences and no four-word strings): "No, I unt DIS cracker!" After being offered a different, clearly inferior triscut.

When we have waffles for breakfast, he asks for "Mo awful."

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