Monday, August 5, 2013

Amelie Visits the Bootheel

Amelie visited Nana Jana in the bootheel over the weekend. They had grand plans: a movie, a trip to a cave, seeing a turtle.

Nana Jana says, This trip was brought to you by the Letter S for Smurfs II, sewing, shoe shopping, and spelunking.

Luckily, there was a turtle at (or maybe near) the cave.

Thank you, Nana Jana! Amelie had a blast! 


  1. Ok, why did you suddenly add the Smurf picture? It's killing me.

    1. Ha! I accidentally hit "publish" before I wanted to. There were only two photos from the trip - one from a cell phone and the other my mom paid for!

  2. This weekend was brought to you by the Letter "S": Smurfs II, sewing & spelunking. Forgive the spelling.