Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Amelie Says

When I told Amelie that Grandma Mary was coming over, she said, "Oh! I like Grandma Mary!"

Amelie wanted me to trade her chairs. She asked in a demanding way, but I didn't mind switching, so I told her to ask again nicely. This is what she said: "Give me the chair or you have to go in time out." Oh my.

She was cooking in the play kitchen at her grandparents, and wanted to know what we wanted on our toast. Grandma Mary asked for octopus. Amelie paused, and said quite matter-of-factly, "Oh, no. I don't think I have any octopus." 

We were all in the living room and Amelie asked to eat some ice cream. I started to say something about 'after dinner' and she interrupted me to clarify, "I was talking to Dada."

Amelie was saying something about my helicopter. When I said that I didn't have a helicopter, she replied, "Don't worry. I'll build you one."

While both of them were sitting on the floor close together, James tried to take Amelie's milk. Amelie snatched it back and said, "It's from a COW!" 

Amelie was sitting on my lap while I scrolled through Facebook, and there were several pictures of Miley Cyrus in my newsfeed. She said, "Look! Aunt Holly!"

While playing yesterday, Amelie asked if I would protect her and James. I said, "Always," and Amelie said, "You protect me and I'll protect James."

While playing today, Amelie came out wrapped in a towel. She asked, "What do I look like?" I said, "I don't know, what do you look like?" and she came back with, "A baby avocado!" (I think she might have meant a baby burrito, since that's what I say about James in the swaddle, but who knows? The towel was green.)

So far she's saying she wants to be a crocodile for Halloween. I'm not making any costumes until closer to the date, though. She just asked me, "Can we have Halloween now?"

At the park, two slightly older boys (one was 5) were racing toy cars down the curvy slide. I am generally against bringing toys from home to public play areas, but in all fairness, it seemed like an awesome game. Amelie really, really wanted to play with them, but it was pretty obvious that they didn't want to play with her. "Move." "You're in our way." This wasn't the first time that she's made overtures to play with a kid who hasn't been too interested (usually because of a big age difference or general shyness), but it's the first time it's felt mean to me. She came to sit with me and James on the bench after several minutes and we watched the cars racing down. I was kind of heartbroken, but she shrugged it off.

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  1. "It's from a COW!" I love it. hahahahahaha
    future lactivist :)