Saturday, July 2, 2011

June Update

Okay, well, I know it's July 2nd, but I thought now would be a good time to update all of the baby Buffaloe blog readers about what's been going on with us this month.

I’ve had a wicked respiratory infection and was out of commission for a few weeks and so we kind of let the blog slide. Luckily, Amelie was only a little bit sick for a few days, and Sam didn't come down with anything at all.

Amelie did get her first real diaper rash and we've switched to disposables (for the first time in a year!) until it clears up. Sam might be the only dad in the history of diapers to be annoyed with the disposables and want to switch back to cloth.

I’ve started writing freelance articles for Advisors Edge Marketing and Sam’s been hard at work taking a bar review class and studying for the upcoming exam. He's been going to job interviews and we're all anxiously awaiting news of where we'll be and what he'll be doing next year.

Amelie still isn't really talking yet, but she did yell "Dada!" when Sam came walking in from class yesterday and she has been saying "Ma-mam-ma-ma" when she's upset.

Amelie has started eating sometimes with her own spoon or a fork, though it's sometimes a messy process. A new food she likes is yogurt:

Amelie's started taking great delight in giving Schroeder things. She'll offer him her toys, her pacifier, and any food she can get her hands on, then she'll laugh uproariously at the thought of him taking the pacifier or eating the food, even if he ignores it like the good dog he is.

I’ve been out walking the trail and Amelie's come along in the stroller several times. She likes it best when there are lots of people and dogs and bikes to look at. If there isn't a lot of visual stimulation, she insists on getting out to walk part of the way. She's started trying to run some, too, but that trips her up and she falls down.

Last weekend, we went to Little Mates Pirate's Cove for our belated Father's Day celebration. Amelie had a blast walking all over in the foot-deep water, playing in the waterworks, and going down the slide. She wasn't too happy about wearing her hat, though. The bad news is that Sam put the camera in his wet swimsuit pocket and it hasn't been quite right since.

The good news is that we were racking up credit card points and finally bought a new one today, so hopefully there’ll be some new snazzy pictures up soon.

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