Thursday, June 16, 2011

Professional Photos

We went all out for Amelie's one-year photos. Aunt Holly bought a girly-girl tutu in honor of the occasion, and we found a photographer who would come out to the house and provide the digital prints for a reasonable fee. (She's Rhiannon at Lollipop Photography, and you should check her out!)

The night before the photographer came over, I thought, "Hmmm, maybe we'd better try this tutu on first." Lo and behold, she was not having it -- Amelie just sat there, picking at the poof and crying. "What is this stuff?!? Somebody get it off me!!" Something must have changed overnight, though, since she was happy as a clam the next day.

Taking pictures turned out to be quite the event. The photographer was here two hours and Amelie changed clothes four times.

Though one of those wardrobe changes happened to be stripping down to just a diaper.

Who could resist this red-headed cutie?

We walked down to the park to take some pictures outside. Schroeder was torn between being upset that he didn't get to come with us and suspicious of the photographer and all of her equipment.

Amelie enjoyed the swing.
Amelie wanted to walk the entire time -- being carried around is for babies!

Of course, that meant a lot of making sure she didn't fall down.

Family Photo time :)

This one I love:

Somehow she ended up back in the crib at the end of the day.

If you're on Facebook, I think you can see more pictures here.

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  1. Cute photos! She looks a lot like you, Crystal! That's cool you had a photographer come to you--like the old days ;)