Saturday, December 11, 2010

First Foods

Ready, Set, Go! Doesn't she look positively thrilled?

Now that Amelie's six months old, she's started experimenting a little bit with solid food. We're trying to follow a baby-led approach and let her mostly feed herself and mostly eat suitable table foods with us.

At first, she was just playing, mainly smushing it in her hands and thinking, "What is this stuff?? I'm not sure I approve. I'm suspicious."

Occasionally, Sam and I have started helping her out a little bit, just so she knows this stuff is edible, too (since she'll put the remote, my phone, and the edge of her tray in her mouth, but not, apparently, food):

But she still acts like we're trying to poison her. "Why would anyone want to eat that??" Holly thought the horrible face she made when confronted with a bit of sweet potato at Thanksgiving was hilarious.

She does enjoy her sippy cup of water that comes with family mealtimes, though.

Man, Sam (er, the baby) really enjoys lounging around in a sleeper, huh?

Even though everything in the pictures above is orange, Amelie has tried sweet potato, avocado, peas, banana, and chicken. The only thing she's been a little bit enthusiastic about has been mashed banana, but I'm guessing she'll catch on to this whole solid food business in the next month or so.

If you'd like to read just a little more about baby-led weaning, you can start at this link.


  1. That is really funny. She's just not that interested, is she? But so cute :)

  2. Who knew sweet Potatoes could be so entertaining. Too cute!