Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amelie's Day

Amelie’s day, starting Tuesday night (12/14) and ending Wednesday night

7:30pm ~ Diaper time, rocked to sleep, placed in the crib, white noise on.
7:32 ~ fusses for five minutes, falls back asleep.
8:00 ~ fusses, pacifier re-inserted.
11:00 ~ Wakes to eat, nurses in rocker, right back to sleep in crib.
2:00am ~ My, what a hungry baby. Nurses in bed, back to sleep in crib.
5:00 ~ Up already? Nurses in bed, asleep in bed. (Thankfully she wasn't up for the day at 5am!)
8:45 ~ Wow, she can sleep late when in the bed with Mom. This may be the latest Amelie has ever slept in the morning. Nurses again for breakfast.
8:50 ~ Jabbering away, new diaper, hangs out with Dad to give him luck/distract him on his final.
9:10 ~ Exersaucer time, watching the dog.
9:20 ~ Hangs out with Mom, pretends to help check email, plays with post-it notes.
10:00 ~ Back in the exersaucer for a bit, taunts the dog with a squeaky toy.
10:15 ~ Bundled up.
10:20 ~ Drops Dad off at the law school and rides contentedly in the car over to Aunt Barb & Uncle Luke’s to drop off some books.
10:25 ~ Possibly asleep in the car for just a bit.
10:40 ~ Braves the cold (in a coat and a blanket) to run back in the house.
10:45 ~ New diaper, new sleeper, swaddled, nurses in the rocker to sleep.
10:55 ~ Naptime (this is really late for Amelie’s morning nap – I wonder if we’re going to be late all day?)
11:20 ~ Stirs, making some noises, but apparently goes back to sleep. Oh, the soothing sounds of white noise.
1:45 ~ Awake from nap, new diaper, tries to roll off the changing pad, nurses, bundled up yet again.
2:00 ~ Goes to the grocery store with Mom, has a grand time looking around at things, is admired by several other customers and Schnuck’s employees.
2:50 ~ Finally back home to help put away groceries in the Moby wrap (it takes a long time to find raw peanuts, which are located neither with the baking goods or other nuts, but with the produce.)
3:15 ~ Has fingernails on right hand trimmed, says “That’s enough of that!”
3:20 ~ Playing on mat, scooting all over the place.
3:50 ~ New diaper, nurses, starts to rub eyes (Oh, no! We’ve got to go get Dad at school …)
4:10 ~ Entertained by Mom, walking around the house.
4:20 ~ Off to pick Dad up from his final.
4:30 ~ Asleep in the car.
4:40 ~ Rudely awakened by the cold air going into the house, down for a late afternoon nap sans swaddle.
5:40 ~ Awake and new diaper, sitting in the bumbo chair on the dining room table while Mom makes supper.
6:15 ~ Baby gets to eat before anyone else.
6:45 ~ Off to a La Leche meeting with Mom. (You’d think it was warmer than 25 degrees outside, the way they cart this baby around.)
7:00 ~ Charms all of the other babies and moms at the meeting, jabbering away and flailing her arms excitedly.
8:00 ~ Eats again.
8:50 ~ Finally on her way back home, starts to get fussy in the car. (This is well past Amelie’s bedtime. See, we were late all day.)
9:00 ~ Dad gives her a new diaper, and hangs out for a bit, Amelie’s figured out that she can bounce herself in the bouncy chair.
9:30 ~ Nurses for a long time, it’s been a long day.
10:00 ~ Wow, we’re up late. Rocked in the rocker, put down drowsy in the crib.

Grand totals
Diapers: 7
Naps: 2
Nurses: 10 times

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