Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sleeping & Awake

So one of the baby books I read claimed that newborns only have 3 emotional states: sleeping, crying, and alert. Well, we haven't taken any pictures of Amelie crying, but here are some of her sleeping and a video bonus of her doing what she does while awake.

These sleeping pictures are from a few days ago, but they're still pretty darn cute.

Here's one of Amelie sleeping in her bouncy seat. (Thanks, Kendra!) Sam just doesn't know why she won't sleep quite as long in the co-sleeper as she will in the vibrating chair.

Finally, the much-anticipated video of Amelie awake at 5 days old.

The good news is that Amelie's doing wonderfully. I'm taking a little longer to recover (and can't really imagine how single people manage to do this). Usually, I think first-time parents overreact about the new baby and call the doctor all the time. We've had no problems from her, but have had to make a call to the doctor for me and then a separate trip to the ER last night, but we've had a lot of help (Thanks, Mom!) and I'm getting better every day.


  1. Crystal and Sam, Amelie is just too precious! I love her name by the way! I can't wait to meet her. I'll schedule some time to come to Columbia in the next few weeks, whenever you're a bit more settled, and I'll bring my mother-in-law for that class. Congrats again!
    -Meredith Rau

  2. It's nice to hear you laugh. Are you sticking your tongue out too, or is she doing it for her own pleasure?

  3. She looks so huge compared to Jamie! So sweet. What a tongue :)

  4. Congrats Crystal and Sam, she is so BEAUTIFUL! Hope you are on the mend soon, and you guys grow cute ones. Karen Sapp (mother of Caitlin!)