Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Professional Photos, Take 2

Sam exercised remarkable self-restraint in not posting every single one of the professional photos by the incomparable Lollipop Photography taken in the hospital, so I'll just go ahead and remedy that :)

Everything said "Girl Buffaloe" - we had names picked out, but no one asked! Also notice that the nurse wrote March 10th, even though Leah's birthday is the 11th - this confused Sam's dad as well, since we went to the hospital on the 10th and she was born not long after midnight.

Such a serious face

Her other ear was folded over - but it's since become un-squished :)

This was the first time she really cried at the hospital - she's getting bigger and stronger every day.

We had her tongue tie clipped on Friday, and she's cried plenty since then! I'm hoping she'll gain well now that her mouth isn't restricted.

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  1. They are so good Crystal. She is beautiful. Love the ones of her chubber cheeks and baby feet. Baby feet just wreck me. Hope she gets over that frenulectomy soon.