Thursday, March 23, 2017

Belly Pics

I didn't take a ton of belly pictures this pregnancy.

There are several pictures of me hiding my belly, though! This was not conscious/intentional! Tigers on the Prowl - 12 weeks

Sarah Beth's wedding - 21 weeks

Ready Set Learn Christmas Program - 27 weeks

Darri's Wedding - 32 weeks

I did take a few the way I did with Amelie & James, but you can see I moved from over by the lamp to the fireplace - 30 weeks

35 weeks

37 weeks

 38 weeks

 40 weeks!

I know I was enormously large and Leah was fairly small, but it's still hard to believe a whole, live, real baby was inside me. It's pretty amazing.

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  1. Oh how sweet! I can never believe that a human was in me. It's just so crazy.