Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gingerbread Houses

As part of the holiday festivities that I'm just getting around to posting, some friends came over and we made a gingerbread village (out of a gingerbread village kit the kids talked me into buying). We are definitely not architects. Here are James, Sam, and Athena with some product placement :)

The A-frame looks structurally sound:

 Ta-da! See all that leftover Halloween candy?

I don't think we got one of Emma's finished product, and hers was the best (and used the most frosting!) She graciously left it with the kids when she went home, after Instagramming it, of course.

It appears Amelie's hair got more and more disheveled as the project went on.
The kids started eating theirs almost immediately, but we did put one up on the mantle for decoration and let it petrify.

Athena with her masterpiece:

Ta da!

Photo credit to my co-worker Sophia :)

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