Thursday, December 29, 2016


Here are some photos from Christmas and Christmas Eve. Grandma Mary and Papaw brought over a set of Magnatiles, which the kids were very strategically building with here. They wanted to show me that they'd re-created the picture/castle on the front of the box.

Sam put up lights, as usual. Amelie brought home paper snowflakes to put up, too, but I just learned that she might not have been the one to cut them out! Ha! (She said her friend from adventure club "donated" them to her.)

We went to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church as usual, too. Grandma Mary and Papaw came to hear Sam play the vibraphone. The kids definitely didn't want to be still for a photo, though Amelie was calm when holding her candle at least.

Aunt Holly got her this enormous hair bow:
James fell asleep pretty much immediately after they dimmed the lights. This is him all the way at the end of the program when the lights came back on! Sure looks comfortable, huh?

And then these pictures are from Christmas morning. James slept until after 8:30am, and then he had to wake Amelie up.

Sam got them a Star Wars book. We've read it several times already.

James made us an ornament.

I asked James what his favorite part of Christmas was, and he answered, "The candy."

New water bottles for all!

Star Wars figurines:

And here's the wreckage!

They played peacefully with all of their new loot the rest of the day.

They had a big day :) and then we went to Luke & Barb's for dinner that evening, where James got a little overly excited, started coughing, and then threw up.  He didn't act sick before or since, so I'm not sure what that was all about - he did that once before about a week prior, too.

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