Friday, September 23, 2016

Doctor's Visit

James had his 4-year well-child check-up today. I forgot to take my camera! But I did gather some vital statistics.

Height: 3 feet, 3 inches (around the 15th percentile)
Weight: 35.8 pounds (around the 50th percentile)
Shots: 1 (flu)

He can do all kinds of cool things.
  • Counts to 25, counts backwards from 10, counts with one-to-one correspondence to 12
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Writes his name, and can copy other letters, numbers, and shapes
  • Draws detailed pictures of people, pokemon, starships, pirates, and other things
  • Memorizes songs
  • Dresses self (except for his shirt)
  • Can sort by size, shape, and color
  • Can throw a ball overhand and underhand, can kick a ball
  • Exaggerates to make his story more interesting (or outright tells stories - for example, his babysitter has come to Ready Set Learn and let him watch a video on her phone)
  • Has held on to some "baby" sounds and speech patterns (it's still "mine friends" and "Amawee")
  • Makes friends easily and plays well with others

Here's the link to his 3-year visit for comparison.

I also looked back at Amelie's 4-year visit, and James is 1/2 an inch taller and a pound lighter than she was at this age.

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