Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Vacation, Part II

As I mentioned yesterday (and wouldn't stop talking about if I saw you in person), we went on vacation. The only bad thing about it is we went for 1 week and it should have been 2.

We ate a lot of seafood on the trip, but this was at a burger place. James said it was his very favorite part of the vacation. There was a pac-man machine that he pretended to play (I didn't give him any quarters) and they had good French fries.

Our first night in Ocean Springs was the 4th of July. We watched the big municipal display on the beach in Biloxi.

Can you see James and Amelie after they migrated off the mat to play in the sand?

One day we went to the children's museum, and we took a bunch of photos. Amelie pretended to drive a play boat. (Maybe we should get a boat?)

Shoveling coal in the play train:

This structure was pretty similar to the climbing structure at the magic house in St. Louis that they liked so much there, too.

There was an art room where we could paint. The theme for the day was "4" for the 4th.

James took a break in a nest of stuffed animals:

There was a tree house village:

My goodness with James and the superhero posing.

We watched The Secret Life of Pets in 3-D on the way home. The movie theater had a security guard who walked in (twice!) and yelled (seriously!) that he would escort anyone he caught on their phone off the premises.  

I have more to post later!

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