Sunday, July 24, 2016

Last Vacation Post

There was a nice small splash pad in Ocean Springs right by the beach. Conveniently, it was shady.

They were doing the limbo.

It was nice to be able to cook some meals and do laundry, and we got a ton more space than we would have been able to in a hotel.

Prior to driving down to Mississippi, we also went to a benefit run for my friend Nelvia, who's fighting cancer. This is a link to her blog:

As you can tell, it was a color run, and while James did not run, he certainly enjoyed every speck of the color.

Amelie was also enthusiastic about throwing it on people as the crossed the finish line.

James, budding photographer / future blogger?

We also went to my 15-year class reunion while we were still in the bootheel. My friend Shad rigged a speaker out of a paper towel roll, his iPhone, and some cups.

(A small sample of) The Class of 2001.

And my Grandma Doris took this picture of me and Sam when we got back:

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