Friday, February 26, 2016

James Says

Upon seeing a humane society commercial: "Why are those dogs in cages? Are those dogs in JAIL?"

It really sounds like James says "fighter-fighter" instead of "firefighter." Sam wondered if he really knew what it was supposed to be, so he asked James what a fire fighter did and James paused and then responded, "Put out fires." Next Sam asked, "Say firefighter really slowly." And at breakneck speed, James rushed out, "fighter-fighter really slowly!"

It also really sounds like James says "appost to" instead of "supposed to." Often this comes out as "you're not appost to do that!"

James: "Do you know who is the boss in my class?"
Me: "Who?"
James: "Hudson. Hudson is the boss in my class."

(Keep in mind that the kids have never seen Star Wars.)
James: "Is Yoda a person or a storm trooper?"
Me: "Well ..."
Sam: "He's an alien."

James: "Can storm troopers fly?"
Me: "No."
James: "They can just walk."

James: "Are storm troopers good guys?"
Sam: "Bad guys."
Me: "Not all of them!"

The way he pronounces "Darth Vader" and "Luke Skywalker" is really cute. I have no idea where he's picked up so much. One of the kids at preschool must be really into it.

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